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All cards are on cardstock and fit small 6"x4" envelopes or business envelopes.

Cards are $1.00 each.
A Division of Rent-An-Auntie . . .email:
Get Well Soon:
Quit Clowning Around and Get Well Soon! Quit Clowning and Get Well Soon! Hope You're Feeling Chipper Real Soon!

Happy Birthday From Your Peers! Just wanted to dash this off and with you
happy belated birthday!
Sorry to burst your bubble, but you're one year older!!
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Wishing You A Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary!

Funny Sayings:
In Life A Little Rain Must Fall. . . So, your knight in shinning armor got away. . Don't worry, a new bus comes by every five minutes! Happy Valentine's Day! or
Congrats to a Purrfect Couple!

Christmas/Hanukkah Cards:
Christmoose Greetings! Happy Holidays! Holiday Greetings!
Happy Hanukkah! Happy Chanukah! Have A Happy Hanukkah!

Jewish Holidays:
Happy Passover! Happy New Year! Wishing You A Very Happy New Year!

Don't let your xmas past..
ruin your xmas present.
Greetings From Baltimore! No Matter What Path You Choose in Life,
You're Bound to Step in it Sooner or Later!

Valentines, Easter:
Who says there's no hearts on Valentines Day! Wishing You A Happy Easter! Hope You Had A Nice Holiday!
Wishing You Happy Easter Somebunny Wishes You a Happy Easter Happy Birthday
Happy Valentines! Hope You Had a Nice Holiday!

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